What are Gaelic Sports

About Hurling

Hurling is a field sport played with a stick and ball, loosely similar to field hockey and lacrosse. Hurling is the fastest field game in the world. It is also one of the most skillful games in the world. The game is the national sport of Ireland, where it is predominantly played. It will also be found in parts of the world where a lot of Irish people live, who then set up clubs and teams. The “Irish Diaspora”, which refers to the large number of Irish outside Ireland, has created opportunities for hurling around the world. So much so, that London and New York are considered “counties”, along with the 32 counties in Ireland and Northern Ireland, in the All-Ireland competition in September.


About Gaelic Football

Gaelic football, commonly referred to as football or Gaelic, is an Irish team sport. It is played between two teams of 15 players on a rectangular grass pitch. The objective of the sport is to score by kicking or punching the ball into the other team’s goals (3 points) or between two upright posts above the goals and over a crossbar 2.5 metres (8.2 ft) above the ground (1 point). Wikipedia Entry