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Mid-Season Fall League Standings

With three days of matches finished and two more to go before the championship match on 11/4, we look back at the action of the past few weeks.

Week one was a firm victory for East Nashville Beer Works, who won both of their matches against Homegrown and Quore. The play was fierce and the scores tight, but in the end, Quore lost both matches, giving a total of 4 points to ENBW and 2 to the Homies.

Week two saw a big turnaround for Homegrown, when they won both of their matches against East Nashville Beer works and Quore. Unfortunately, it was another loss against ENBW, leaving them at 0 points for the season to that point.

That brings us to week three, a winning day for all. Each of the teams took home one win, with Quore getting some points on the board with their victory over Homegrown.

It’s still anyone’s season, with two more weeks to go before deciding who goes on to the championship match. The table, as it stands, looks like this: