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Did We Meet You at Music City Irish Fest?

ngac at music city irish fest

We had a blast meeting everyone yesterday at the Music City Irish Fest, whether we saw you at the bar or at our own NGAC tent. Several of you took cards and learned about hurling and Gaelic football, and a few of you even seemed interested in joining.

If that’s you–interested in joining or just learning how to play–here’s what you need to know:

Training on Tuesday is now at Richland Park on Charlotte Avenue. It still starts at 6 pm and we’ll go until it’s too dark to see the ball. If you have to come late due to work or family, that’s okay! Don’t let a little tardiness keep you from the greatest sport you’ll ever play.

Thursday’s training will be at Centennial Park at 6 pm, just as we talked about at the Irish Fest.

Don’t forget our Music City Invitational Tournament on March 24. You’re all very welcome to come out and watch us as we play hurling and camogie clubs from Indianapolis, St. Louis, Memphis, Atlanta, Knoxville, and Hampton Roads.

Then, on April 8, we’ll start our spring league. You can register here any time. We still have a few weeks for you to learn the skills before you apply them in a match.

Remember: everyone who wants to play will play. There are no tryouts. No minimum for entry. We play sports, but we’re a club first and foremost. If nothing else, come join in the fun on the sidelines and have some beers with us after.

We can’t wait to see you again!