Gaelic Football

Kicking And Carrying The Ball To Glory


Gaelic football, known also as “gaelic” or simply “football” depending on where you are in Ireland, is a game that feels familiar in many ways, but is a force in and of itself. While nebulous versions of football were played across Ireland dating back as far as 1308, Gaelic football as we know it today was formalized in 1887 with rules published by Maurice Davin, one of the founders of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). Davin formalized the game as a uniquely Irish sport to be played rather than rugby or soccer, which had become increadingly popular at the time. Optimally using 15 players per side, all participants can kick, pass by a strike of the hand, and carry a ball slightly larger than a volleyball, but similar in appearance. Points are scored on an H-shaped goal, both above the crossbar for one point, or underneath into the goal for three points.

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