About the NGAC

Formed to promote the Irish sports of hurling, Gaelic football, and camogie in Nashville, TN, the Nashville Gaelic Athletic Club held its inaugural event, an introduction to hurling, on April 20, 2013. The club was founded by John “Johnny Sticks” Watson and Anji Wall. The husband and wife duo, and former St. Louis GAC club mates, relocated to Nashville in 2011, and brought with them a passion for Gaelic games.

The Nashville GAC is modeled after other American city clubs, which have had great success in promoting and playing Irish sports in recent years. The Milwaukee hurling club, the Indianapolis GAA, and the St. Louis Gaelic Athletic Club have been particularly influential, and like those clubs, the Nashville GAC welcomes men and women over the age of 18 to play in coed, competitive matches. Experienced players are certainly welcome, but new players are strongly encouraged to come out, learn about the games, and join in the fun.

The club’s initial goals were to introduce hurling and camogie (women’s hurling) to Nashville and recruit new members. The club now holds competitive games in a local league as well as with a select travel team. As interest grew, the Nashville GAC introduced Gaelic football. Next on the list is a youth program.


Grant Gill designed the Nashville Gaelic Athletic Club crest. It features crossed hurleys, a symbol of our sporting heritage, overlaid by a guitar, a symbol of Nashville’s music heritage. The stars and stripes reference the flag of the United States, while a small Fleur de Les at the top of the guitar honors the founder’s former club, the St. Louis GAC. The colors, green and gold, are a tribute to the Blackrock National Hurling Club in Cork, Ireland. The “Rockies,” as they are called, are a club with which club co-founder Anji Wall’s family has been involved with for many years.

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