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AGM and Holiday Party 2019 Wrap-Up

Well, one more year of hurling and Gaelic football in Nashville is on the books. We now look forward to 2019 with excitement and a nearly new board! Here’s what went down at our year-end meeting:

Officer Elections

Your new board members for 2019 are:

Chairman – Ryan Buckley

Vice Chairman – Ryan Lowe

Secretary – Ashley Murdock

Registrar – Megan Themm

PRO – Matt O’Donnell

Games Development Officer: Noah Fitzpatrick

Jesse Gentry will return as Treasurer for the second year in his term.

Awards Ceremony

Club Member of the Year – Ryan Buckley

Spirit of the NGAC – Matt O’Donnell

Rising Star in Hurling – Noah Fitzpatrick

Most Improved in Hurling – Megan Themm

Outstanding Player in Hurling – Patrick Deneen

Outstanding Player in Hurling – Whitney Morrical

Multi-Sport Athlete of the Year – Ryan Lowe

Rising Star in Gaelic Football – Steph Fulbright

Outstanding Player in Gaelic Football – Evan Lamberth

Outstanding Player in Gaelic Football – Joy Grabenstein

Superlatives (Just the fun stuff)

Most Likely to Break a Hurl – Cody Murdock

Most Likely to Go to the Hospital – Ryan Lowe

Most Likely to Go to Weekly Training – Noah Fitzpatrick

Most Likely to  Go to Afters РDanny Espensen

Most Likely to Borrow a Mouth Guard (Never actually happened, but he did offer his to someone else) – Corbett Ouellette

Most Dedicated Spectator – Katie Marcario

Huge, huge special thanks to Emily Rodriguez for planning the whole shebang again this year! And to Renee Anzivino for hosting this crazy crowd. We couldn’t have done this without either of you.


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Nashville Gaelic Athletic Club Welcomes New Board Members


The Nashville Gaelic Athletic Club (Nashville GAC) held the Annual General Meeting on December 19, 2015, during which elections were held for new board members who will serve in the coming year. The open positions included Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. Outgoing Chairman, John Watson, served for more than two years after founding the club in Nashville and saw the club grow from four in the first several months to a roster of over forty members in good standing.

The Nashville GAC board members for 2015 also included Timothy Ryan Buckley as Vice Chairman, Liam Barry as Registrar, Molly Bombardi-Mount as Secretary, Brendan Reynolds as Treasurer, Jennifer Barry as Public Relations Officer, and Aaron Joley as Member at Large. After the vote, appointments were necessary to fill newly vacant positions.

The new board for the Nashville Gaelic Athletic Association in 2016 is now as follows: Timothy Ryan Buckley, elected Chairman; Liam Barry, appointed Vice Chairman; Molly Buckley, appointed Registrar; Molly Bombardi-Mount, elected Secretary; Rayne Leonard, elected Treasurer; Jennifer Barry, remaining Public Relations Officer; and Aaron Joley, remaining Member at Large.

Several committees were also formed as a result of the Annual General Meeting, with appointed chairs agreeing to serve. Christopher Davis and Rayne Leonard will lead the recruitment and retention committee. Megan Scott will serve as head of fundraising and sponsorship. David Smith and Ashley Raby will continue directing the social committee. Perhaps the most difficult of committees, the events committee, will be led by Brendan Rauer. The events committee will oversee the Nashville GAC invitational tournament, participation in the Second Annual Irish Fest, and participation in the Second Annual Highland Games.