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Nashville Hurling League Match Report

Nashville GAC City League Week 2

Jameson Hurley Reporting

Week 2 of the Nashville City League saw three fantastic matches played at our new home pitch, Heartland Fields. Whatever deal the Board made to get the fields must have included a provision that all games be played in 90+ degree weather. It was agreed upon by the captains that water breaks would be taken at the midpoint of each half, and with that hopeful reprieve, the Leesiders and the Ports entered Dante’s Inferno for the first match of the day.

Coming off two defeats in Week 1, Captain Gill’s Leesiders looked to get a win. An enthusiastic pep talk raised the spirits of the white and red side as they took the field. The scoring came quick from both sides, but it was the Ports who pulled to the early lead with back-to-back goals. Johnny “Bad Back” Sticks was put to the test in goals, allowing 3 in the first half alone. The stand out strike of the half came from Renee Anzivino’s foot as she kicked the ball over the head of the Leesider keeper. The Ports were in full control of the match at half, but the Leesiders, with memories of the crushing defeat at the hands of the Ports in week one, were determined to not go down with out a fight. It was C.S. Kammerzell at the helm, seemingly scoring at will. The Leesiders charge was nearly complete when, with scores level, the Ports scored a fantastic goal near the end of the game. In the end, the Ports were the victors in the thrilling and very close match. Ports 4-4 (16) to Leesiders 2-7 (13).

With no rest time for the Leesiders, it was on to the second match of the day. Captain Aaron Joley readied his mighty Blue Notes as the Leesiders took time for a brief recovery. It must have been the painful loss of that very close first match that motivated the Leesiders, as the determined side came out swinging from the opening throw in. It was the skillful C.S. who once again led the charge. Sticks, having learned much from his first time in goal, placed his “goals closed” sign up, denying the Notes several opportunities to hit the back of the net. Jamie Norris and Brendan Reynolds did their best to keep the Blue Notes in the game, but at the end of the day, the scores came too often from the Leesiders, and the Notes fell 8-8 (32) to 2-8 (14).

It was now the Blue Notes turn to rebound from a loss as they remained on the pitch for game 3. The Ports, well rested and hydrated, but maybe a bit stiff, looked to be the early favorites in the game. Nick Chamberlain and Eric Vick gave the Ports the early lead with goals in the opening minutes. But Jamie Norris and Timothy Ryan Buckley were set on saving the day for the Notes. It was clear to all in attendance that the heat was taking its toll on all of the players as tired legs and minds moved about the pitch in lethargic fashion. The game was not without thrills though, and as the clock ran down it was clear that this game was set for a fantastic finish. With the referee’s announcement of a minute to play, both sides dug deep, and pushed for a victory. With 1 last attempt for a point, Jamie Norris burned what little gas was left in his tank, but the score would not come. At the blow of the whistle, the score sheet read: 3-3 (12) to 2-6 (12), a TIE.

Who will come out on top in next week’s matchups? Join us at Heartland fields for all the action. As a reminder, games will begin at NOON so that we can finish in time to cheer on the USA as they take on Portugal. Match 1. Leesiders v. Blue Notes; match 2. Blue Notes v. Ports; match 3. Blue Notes v. Leesiders.

Standings: Ports 10 points, Blue Notes 4 points, Leesiders 3 points


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Nashville Gaelic Athletic Club Launches Inaugural City Hurling League

Match Report: June 1, 2014

Jameson Hurley

10341841_248306115293023_996863059459184260_nOminous skies and a worrisome weather report hung over the launch of the Nashville Gaelic Athletic Club’s inaugural city hurling league. But the players arrived in force, the pitch was prepared, and the historical event went off in brilliant form.

After a league rules seminar by club chairman, Johnny “Sticks” Watson, opening ceremonies were underway. Introductions were made, and then as if ordered by Cú Chulainn himself, the clouds let loose, and the rain began to fall. The incomparable design team of Timothy Ryan Buckley and Grant Shelton Gill received thanks and gifts for their hard work on the jerseys and club crest.

With a proper rain now coming down, guest of honor, Roger Ryan from the Blackrock National Hurling Club in Co. Cork, Ireland, threw in the ceremonial first ball to NGAC club founders Anji Wall and John Watson. The humidity reminded us we were in Middle Tennessee, but the rain, and Roger’s presence, made us feel like we were at Croke Park preparing to play in the All Ireland!

Three teams warmed up and prepared to take on the day. The light blue/navy “Blue Notes,” the navy/gold “Ports,” and the white/red “Leesiders” would each play two 30-minute matches. Up first were the Ports and Blue Notes.

With the rain still falling steadily, the Ports and the Blue Notes took to the pitch in the first ever hurling match in Nashville, TN. Captain Corbett Ouellette’s Ports, in their navy and gold kits, were first to strike with a cracking goal. Blue Notes’ captain Aaron Joley kept his team focused and the assembled crowd were treated to a great half, all be it a wet and low scoring half. Rain moved out of the area during the second half, and the scoring opened up. The match proved to be a great opener for the club’s new Sunday tradition. Final score: 2-3 (9) to 2-1 (7) in favor of the Ports.

Coming off that first win, the Ports took on the Leesiders in the second match of the day. Captain Grant Gill’s team looked fantastic in the red and white of Co. Cork as both teams took to the field. The Ports were first to strike when Johnny “Sticks” Watson left Nick Chamberlain unmarked, costing the Leesiders an early point in the contest. The fit feet of the Ports kept the pressure on through the first half, leaving the Leesiders with huge deficit going into the second half. With inspirational words, captain Gill motivated his troops, and the second half was better for the team in white. Unfortunately for the Leesiders, scores would not come. In the end, Captain Ouellette’s Ports crushed the Leesiders 4-3 (15) to 2 goals (6).

The now tired legs of the Leesiders remained on the pitch to take on the Blue Notes in the final match of the day. Captain Gill’s crew, having learned from their first match, reorganized a came out swinging. With the sun now shining, both teams put on a fantastic display of the ancient game. In goals for the match, Peace Corps man, CS Kamerzell, was put to the test, but rose to the challenge, making some spectacular saves. It was clear that both teams came to play as the ball moved around the field with spectacular precision, but in the end, the lethal combination of former MTSU club mates, Timothy Ryan Buckley and Jamie Norris, proved too much for the Leesiders. Final score 5-3 (18) to 3-3 (12)

The day was a great start for what is sure to become a long tradition in Middle Tennessee. The Ports now sit at the top of the league table ahead of the Blue Notes followed by the Leesiders.

Ports: 6 points; Blue Notes: 3 points; Leesiders: 0 points.

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