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Winter is Coming!

As we prepare to hibernate I thought I’d put together a list of tips, tricks, videos and films to help you deal with seeing your club friends a little less. First the videos…

1. From Ash to Clash The Art of Hurley Making

25 Min documentary about the process of making a hurley. Different from other “Art of Hurley making” type videos (0f which there are many) in that it talks about sourcing the wood, and what makes a good plank.

2. Old Camogie Footage from 1934

Its only 2 minutes long, its black and white and theres no audio, but it’s probably the coolest video in this list. This video has it all. If you know of anymore footage like this let me know.


3. Lar Corbett and Eoin Kelly Special

53 min. A very nicely shot conversation style interview. Just some greats talking shop.


4. The Story of DJ Carey

One of my favorite Hurling docs. Really illustrates the sense of hometown pride folks have in these players. No money in the sport but legends all the same. Shows the sacrifice of their time and talent for the club/town/county.


5. A Year ‘Til Sunday

1hr 12min. Great looking doc about Galway gaelic in 1998. I havn’t finished it yet but I’m enjoying what I’ve see and growing my appreciation for the sport.


6. Sports Movies

  • Goon (Netflix) – If you havn’t seen it – see it. It’s short and sweet and by golly it’s got HEART!
  • Ip Man (Netflix) – Martial arts. Get your meditation on for taking those frees.
  • Peeky Blinders (Netflix) – It’s like Gangs of New York, but more. Features your man Cillian Murphy.
  •  If you want to understand the benefits of amateur sports in our communities and amongst our youth watch a little “Friday Night Tykes” and “Last Chance U“.
  • Nowitski: The perfect shot – Take aways you can apply to your game.


7. Tips n Tricks

Go train! 

  1. Step 1: Watch training videos on youtube. Memorize the movements.
  2. Step 2: Use a wall or a friend to practice with. Recall the way the players in the video moved and executed the skills
  3. Step 3: Profit, not monetarily of course,

Buy NGAC gear!

Nothing like a new hoodie or a bag to make you feel better in the off season. In fact, the off season is just about the only time we can wear our cool hoodies in Tennessee.


LINK: O’neills Store

Stay in the Loop

Even though it’s getting colder we are still doing things as a club. We’ll be releasing a winter schedule of events soon. Also, keep an eye on the calendar and  the Social media for random puc arounds or calls for #frostybevs.