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Updates and Upcoming Events for the Nashville GAC

The board members and committees have already been hard at work to get this year of hurling and camogie off to a roaring start. To help you keep up with everything we’re planning so you can start marking things on your calendar, here’s the latest news.

Camogie Jersey Orders

Ashley Tabolinsky has headed up the design of the jerseys and communication with O’Neills to get the camogie team some killer jerseys. We’ve already reached the minimum numbers needed for an order, but we definitely don’t want to leave anyone out. If you want to order a jersey, please fill out the survey below.

Camogie Order Form

nashville camogie jersey

**Take note that UK sizes for women are two sizes smaller than American sizes. For instance, if you wear a size 8, you’ll need to order a size 12.** 

Hurling Jersey Orders

New members can also order a hurling jersey at the same time to save some money on shipping. You can also order equipment, socks, hoodies, and polo shirts. If you’d like to place an order, fill out the form below. Remember, we’ll have lots of opportunities in the coming months to wear them, so you’ll want to have yours in hand when all the fun begins.

Hurling Order Form

**Important note for all jersey orders: You do not have to be a member of NGAC to order a hurling or camogie jersey. If you’d like one to wear in support or to give as a gift, get it now!**

Committees Still Forming

Though committee chairs and members have already moved forward with plans for the coming year, they still need your help. Please take a look at the following committees and consider your ability to help out. Any time you can give will help everyone.

Events – Brendan Rauer

Includes the Irish Festival, the Music City Invitational Tournament, the Highland Games, and more.

Social – David Smith and Ashley Raby

Planning social evenings, afters, etc.

Sponsorship and Fundraising – Megan Scott

Approaching local companies for sponsorship opportunities and planning fundraising events for the club.

Recruitment and Retention – Rayne Leonard and Chris Davis

Attracting new members to the club, encouraging members to come back. Growing both hurling and camogie, as well as other avenues if the need/opportunity arrises.

Field Management – Coby Baker

Arrive early for any matches to put up goal posts and check the nets. Ensure the fields are clean every time we leave.

These committee chairs are amazing and kickass people, but they can’t do it alone.

Important Upcoming Events

We’ll start training this month on February 21 at 2 pm. Our trainers for 2016 are Corbett Ouellette and Ashley Tabolinsky, who’ll be trained by our esteemed founder, John Watson.

On March 5, John Watson will lead a referee training course. If you’re interested in learning more about the rules of hurling, you don’t want to miss this. Even spectators will take away a new love for the game.

University of Colorado/Regis University will travel to Nashville for a friendly tournament on March 19. The games will be held at Heartland. Please come out to play co-ed hurling and maybe even a Gaelic football match. We plan to invite other schools and clubs to participate, so let’s make a big Nashville/MTSU showing.

The Music City Irish Fest is March 12, and this one is going to be HUGE. Do not miss this incredible opportunity to spread the word about our club, recruit some new members, and maybe even raise some funds. We’ll need volunteers to serve beer and man our NGAC tent. Also, this party is a blast.

Our very own tournament, the 2nd Annual Music City Invitational, will take place April 2. We’ll welcome teams from all over, some old friends and some new. Even if you don’t want to play, we could use some cheering from the sidelines. There will also be an afterparty no one will ever forget.

City league matches will open April 10. Before the day, captains and teams will be chosen. Jerseys will be designed and ordered. And you will once again find yourself to be a Port, a Leesider, or a Blue Note.

Like we said, this year will be huge. These are just a few of the plans for the first half! These dates can be found on the calendar. If you’d like to sync the events with your own Google calendar, click the event name and then click “copy to my calendar.” It’s never been easier to keep up with the NGAC!

A Few Quick Notes

We’re increasing training opportunities this year. Sessions will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with locations to be determined. Frosty beverages likely to ensue.

Until training begins, Thursday nights are dedicated to socializing with our friends at The Beer Pale. We’ll also monitor the weather and call for scrimmages and puck arounds if the weekend looks to be particularly beautiful. This coming weekend is one such weekend. Meet us at Heartland Soccer Complex at 2. Our frosty beverages will be consumed at Homegrown Taproom in Donelson after.

Baile Ceol Abú!